> > Meizu sold 100.000 of M1 units in seconds
9 February 2015 - 17:00

Meizu sold 100.000 of M1 units in seconds

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We can see that the newest thing in China or India is selling thousands of smartphones in a few seconds, especially when you want to make a name for yourself. We may think that the manufacturers just can’t keep up with the orders or demands. Maybe they should try to sell one million phones instead of 100.000.

Xiaomi is well known among the companies who can sell in a blink of an eye, the Mi 3 handset, for example, became famous after the super-fast flash sales in India, OnePlus did it with the One model, and now Meizu is picking up the torch.

Meizu M1 has a price of $112 and it was available on the market last week. The system went real fast to out of stock, because the 100.000 units available were purchased in 60 seconds. And the same thing happened this week, with another 100.000 M1 smartphones were purchased till “Out of stock” appeared again.

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