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How to root an Android device
25 March 2015
Root is a process like the jailbreak on the IDevices. When you root your device you actually unlock you operating system and you can uninstall any apps on your device even the apps from Google, replace your OS with a custom ROM, overclock ...
Product story video for G Flex 2 is now on YouTube
25 February 2015
Many reviews appeared on the internet so far, with information about the performances and the looks. But, the most accurate info comes from the manufacturer, right? Let’s find out what makes thing smartphone so special.

LG Watch Urbane gets an introduction video
24 February 2015
Mobile World Congress 2015 is almost here, 4 days exactly, and LG wants to keep the fans into verve about the new LG Watch Urbane. The tech event will starts on March 1st, and it will take place in Barcelona.
AVG finds new malware that threaten Android users
24 February 2015
The new malware is called PowerOffHijack and it can take control over your Android phone. When you turn off your phone this malware creates a fake menu and the phone will be in a stand-by mode that will gain access to SMS, phone calls ...

Sony Xperia E4 will be available for pre-order
12 February 2015
The new Sony Xperia E4 was announced yesterday, and that took us so out of guard, that we didn’t get the price or the launch date. Clove UK gave us the answer to both questions with a simple act, putting the Xperia E4 on pre-order. ...
Meizu sold 100.000 of M1 units in seconds
9 February 2015
We can see that the newest thing in China or India is selling thousands of smartphones in a few seconds, especially when you want to make a name for yourself. We may think that the manufacturers just can’t keep up with the orders ...

OnePlus One will be available every Tuesday from tomorrow
9 February 2015
If you want to buy the "flagship killer" we have good news for you, OnePlus One will be available every Tuesday without an invite starting from 10 February. The online store will be open for 24 hours every Tuesday and all the versions ...
Oppo R5 is now available for pre-order in the UK
4 February 2015
Oppo R5 is one of the most thinnest smartphones in the world and now it can be ordered in the UK for 296 pounds through Amazon. This phone will be officially available on February 20, so the pre-order option is currently on.

What apps you can use that support Fingerprint scanner authentication on Galaxy Note 4
4 February 2015
Out there are a few apps that work with the Finger Scanner sensor for Note 4 and Galaxy S5 but some of this apps are from some big companies. We will present you a list of this apps and how the fingerprint authentication works.
Saygus V2 – available for pre-order
3 February 2015
From now on, Saygus V2 is available for pre-order, and if you registered for pre-orders, you can obtain a discount for this smartphone, and the price will be 549 dollars. And if you did not registered, the price will be 599 dollars. ...

Three Andorid apps to test your internet connection speed
2 February 2015
If you want to test your 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection speed, we will recommend you three app that will help you to find the results you want. This app will help you to know your download, upload speed or delays in the transmission of ...
Manta 7x smartphone to be launched
2 February 2015
What is so special with this smartphone? No buttons attached. All the phones have at least one button to help the user to lock/unlock their device. Or more buttons to adjust to volume. Anyway, if you think that buttons are ruining ...

Motorola has launched the 4G version of Moto G 2014
30 January 2015
Motorola Moto G was a great product at his time, the combination between his good configuration, the additional software optimization and the accessible price, makes him one of the most popular Android phones. This phone is announced ...
Microsoft releases Outlook for Android
30 January 2015
Microsoft has released the Outlook Preview app for Android and it's offering now the full Office experience on devices that runs Android OS. The app is in the stage of testing for now and if you use the Office pack on the PC we encourage ...

LG G3 Stylus is now official with a 5.5 inches display
26 August 2014
Spotted in a not long ago released video which promoted the LG G3 family, the newest smartphone of the South Korean company has leaked. This is the LG G3 Stylus and has been recently made official!
Motorola could launch a flagship with a 3D display
25 August 2014
The American-based company, Motorola, has already announced their plans to hold an event during the IFA conference which will take place in Berlin next month.

Moto X+1 gets leaked on Twitter
22 August 2014
Although the popular Twitter tipster @evleaks has recently announced that he will be shutting down the business, we were so glad to find one more post revealing the upcoming Motorola flagship a bit earlier.
Samsung Galaxy Note IV will deliver an ISOCELL 16MP camera
5 August 2014
Samsung has settled the date of the launch of Galaxy Note IV and has even started to send the invitations to the launching event, UNPACKED 2014. The date is September 3 and it will take place at the IFA conference from Berlin.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be released in the middle of August
31 July 2014
Samsung has now in production their first metallic smartphone, which has been requested by customers over the time.
Amazon offers for the next couple of days a bunch of FREE Android apps!
31 July 2014
You might want to check Amazon in the next two days as they offer 30 FREE Android apps, one more appealing than the other.